Fenway Remembered

Fenway Jack Snipe
(Field Trial award winner Greenbriar Falkland x Fenway Teal)
2009 – 2021

A larger than life character who lived life to the full in everything he did. There was certainly never a dull moment when Jack was around. A wonderful dog who touched the hearts of all who knew him.

 Fenway Woodlark
(FTAW Greenbriar Falkland x Fenway Teal)
2009 – 2020

Fenway Woodlark (2009-2020) was a wonderful bitch in every respect. Litter sister to Fenway Brock and very much a female version of her illustrious brother. A vigorous and confident performer in the shooting field over many seasons leaving great memories of some awesome days as a senior member of the Fenway picking-up team. Undoubtedly the matriarch of the kennel, she leaves us with a remarkable legacy through her daughter Fenway Larksong (Ch Warringha’s Gundaroo), her granddaughter Fenway Mellow (FT Ch Ferbury Lancelot of Smithsteads) and her outstanding granddaughter Fenway Melody (Fenway Tallin).


Fenway Woodlark still enjoying life to the full in her senior years

Fenway Woodlark  with her litter brother Fenway Brock in 2011

Fenway Woodlark

Fenway Teal
(Siksika Forester x Siksika Hera of Fenway)
2006 – 2016


Fenway Teal had a major impact on the Fenway kennel. As the dam of Fenway Brock and Fenway Woodlark she left a remarkable legacy. Fenway Teal was a daughter of Siksika Hera of Fenway – and it was from these two bitches that we established the “gold seam” of the famous Fenway bloodline that is now in its sixth generation. Teal was the sweetest of bitches, a beautiful dog to train and work with and one who undoubtedly not only passed on her traits of good looks and biddability but also her charm and willingness to please. A wonderful bitch who had a tremendous influence on so many Fenway dogs around the world.


Fenway Teal’s Legacy
From Left to Right: 
Fenway Melody, great great granddaughter;  Fenway Mellow, great granddaughter; Fenway Larksong, granddaughter; and Fenway Woodlark, daughter.

 Siksika Hera of Fenway
(Sealpin Enigma x Siksika Nightingale)
2002 – 2016

Siksika Hera of Fenway (Flora) was our kennel’s “grande dame” and was a truly wonderful bitch who has undoubtedly left her mark

Fenway Timber
(Siksika Forester x Siksika Hera of Fenway)
2006 – 2017

Timber was a very powerful dog with the most kind and biddable temperament. Timber excelled as a working dog in the shooting field; a very fast and agile worker. 

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