Fenway Brock

Fenway Brock

(Field Trial award winner Greenbriar Falkland x Fenway Teal)
(2009 – 2024)

Fenway Brock was the dog of a lifetime. He had a massive impact on everything that we have achieved at Fenway and continued to win the hearts of all who met him and the respect and praise of all who saw him working in the shooting field. Truly a legend who is greatly missed.

Brock’s influence as a sire has been immeasurable, both here at Fenway and around the world – he has been a hugely popular sire in the USA.

Brock was renowned for his stunning looks, his true Labrador head, his powerful conformation and presence and of course his wonderful temperament.

As a sire he passed on his looks, his calm, sweet and unflappable attitude in everything that he did, as well as his outstanding qualities as a working gundog. In the shooting field Brock had tremendous drive, pace and power and was always a dream to handle and to work, showing great hunting ability.

The hallmark of Brock’s progeny is their “trainability” and willingness to please; they have all their sire’s drive and pace and yet are easy to train and naturally responsive. We have retained Brock semen for our own use.

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