Fenway Labrador Exports

Fenway Labradors have been exported across the world for many years. We have wide experience in every aspect associated with the export and shipping arrangements that will ensure all necessary health and import regulations are met and that the care and welfare of our dogs is assured during transit.

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We take the greatest care and attention to ensure the highest possible standard of welfare for all Fenway exports and work closely with our shippers at every stage of transit.
Edgegrove Apollo of Fenway (Beggarbush Ledbury x Fenway Woodchat) is now enjoying great success in Iceland with his new owners Magnus and Holmfridur.  A big athletic dog with bags of drive and the most lovely temperament, he is the winner of the 2017 Icelandic Retriever Championship. His first pups have recently been born.


Fenway Lincoln (Braidenvale Pioneer x Fenway Teal) has certainly made his mark for the Wilgunndi kennel in Australia. Lincoln has been successful in field trials and has sired an Australian Field Trial winner.



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