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Welcome to Fenway Labradors (Founded 1972)

Proudly celebrating over 50 years since the Fenway kennel was established

The Fenway kennel is one of the longest established breeders of working Labradors in the UK and is based deep in the heart of the Lancashire countryside.

Jeremy Hunt has spent a lifetime dedicated to breeding and training gundogs.
Fenway Labradors are renowned world-wide for their outstanding good looks, wonderful temperament and trainability.

Fenway Tallin at stud

The international reputation of Fenway Labradors comes from our lifelong passion for this wonderful breed and the meticulous selection of the genetics and bloodlines that produces each litter.

Everything we do at Fenway is to the highest possible standard in terms of the care, management, health and nutrition of our dogs. All our dogs undergo full health screening.

Jeremy Hunt has written extensively about the breed and is the author of one of the most successful books on gundog training – “Training the Working Labrador – the Complete Guide to Management and Training.”

Around the world Fenway Labradors enjoy life as outstanding working gundogs or simply as devoted companions to all those who share our passion for this truly remarkable breed.

Fenway Sand Grouse and Fenway Eventide

We are always available to give prospective owners the benefit of our wide experience of breeding and training. If you are considering a Labrador remember that a pup is always the product of its genetics and bloodlines, which is why we say at Fenway: “It’s all in the breeding.”

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Fenway Labradors have been awarded a Five Star Breeder’s Licence No: AAL00030

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e-mail – jeremy@fenwaylabradors.co.uk