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Happy New Year 2024! 
And a big thank you to the Fenway family, in the UK and around the world, for all the wonderful photos, messages and updates we have received throughout 2023 and especially over the Christmas holiday. 
Jeremy is pictured with Fenway Tallin.

Four of our Fenway black beauties……..Fenway Eventide (FT Ch Meadowlark Big Rock Fendawood) x Fenway Willow Grouse), Fenway Willow Grouse (Fenway Brock x Tewellers Matilda of Fenway), Fenway Lupin (Brigburn Kit Carson x Fenway Willow Grouse) and Fenway Reeve (Balbirnie Logo of Thornship x Fenway Larksong).

All the way from Texas – it was great to see Pat and Bunker this summer.  Bunker is a son of Fenway Brock. This intrepid duo make an annual trip to Europe crossing the Atlantic on the QM2. Bunker is truly Pat’s “dog of a lifetime”, not only has he achieved his Junior Hunt title in the USA but he is also a fully qualified therapy dog working with children in a hospital in Texas. As if that isn’t enough he is also Pat’s “service dog” having qualified at the highest level to assist her in a wide variety of situations. Our photo above shows Pat with Bunker and Fenway Brock at nearly 15 years old.

Many congratulations to Fenway Best Mate (Fenway Brock x Tewellers Amelia of Fenway) and his owner in Lancashire on winning The United Retriever Club Northern Area Novice Working Test

A family affair…Fenway Eventide, Fenway Sand Grouse and their dam Fenway Willow Grouse

A rather special boy, Fenway Othello at seven weeks (FT Ch Meadowlark Big Rock Fendawood x Fenway Mellow)

Congratulations to Tintwistle Harvest Moon of Fenway (a son of Fenway Brock) on achieving his Junior Hunter  title in Texas, USA

Fenway Portia makes Canada goose hunting look easy in Illinois, USA!

Fenway Portia (Fenway Brock x Tewellers Matilda of Fenway) on just her second day of early season goose hunting in Illinois. Her owner is thrilled with her: “This is just magical breeding. She’s a perfect hunting dog in every way. Although she doesn’t get a lot of training she performs better than anyone else’s dog I know – and you hear of some people spending big bucks to train one of their dogs. I wasn’t expecting her to do a blind retrieve on just the second bird today and to pick it, but she continues to exceed expectations day in and day out.

Fenway Portia on her first duck retrieve in Illinois, USA. Impressive to say the least for a 15-month-old youngster. Fenway Portia is sired by Fenway Brock and out of Tewellers Matilda of Fenway.

Fenway Watson (Fenway Brock x Tewellers Amelia of Fenway) – whose achievements continue to delight his owners in Germany. Enjoy the video! 

I Believe I Can Fly
In early March 2020 our lovely Fenway Traveller (Fenway Brock x Miss America of Fenway) left us to start a new life in Switzerland.

His owners chartered a private jet to fly to the UK to collect him personally. He behaved impeccably on the flight – as any VIP (Very Important Puppy) would do  – and is now  happy and settled in his new home.

Fenway Melody – a young daughter of Fenway Tallin. Her dam is Fenway Mellow who is a daughter of FT Ch Ferbury Lancelot of Smithsteads.
Melody is a lovely example of the type of bitch we’re proud to breed here at Fenway and is the sixth generation of our Fenway bitch line.

Fenway Madrigal ( Balbirnie Logo of Thornship x Fenway Larksong ), on the left, poses  for the camera with her buddy Scout after their lake swim. And all set amidst glorious fall foliage in Vermont,USA.

Summer 2019
Fenway Melba is a super pup sired by Fenway Tallin and out of Fenway Mellow. Now settled with her new owner in Wiltshire; she’s wasting no time in getting into the shooting business. 

Fenway Watson (Fenway Brock x Tewellers Amelia of Fenway) continues to enjoy great success in Germany where he has just been awarded ‘The Hunting Master ‘ certificate. Many congratulations to Watson and his proud owner

Josh made the 8000 mile round trip from Chicago to spend a few days with us to meet his new pup Fenway Melrose (Fenway Tallin x Fenway Mellow). Fenway Melrose is now settled in his new home in the USA along with Fenway Portia (Fenway Brock x Tewellers Matilda of Fenway)

Spring 2019

Fenway Virginia enjoying life in her new home in Germany. She is from an exceptional litter by Fenway Brock x Miss America of Fenway – three others from this litter left us for new homes abroad – Fenway Tudor Minstrel to Colorado, Fenway Dancing Brave to Mexico and Fenway Oregon to Chicago.

Fenway Arizona (Fenway Brock x Miss America of Fenway) is now living with his new owner in North Yorkshire and was a big hit with TV’s ‘Yorkshire Vet’ Julian Norton

An unexpected visitor to our exercise paddock this morning














September 2018
Tintwistle Harvest Moon of Fenway  (Fenway Brock x Woodpath Daisy) sails into New York aboard the QM2, a favourite with the Kennel Masters. He will begin his new life in Texas.

September 2018
Mark Caroll from West Virginia crossed the Atlantic for two days of one to one tuition with Jeremy Hunt and to learn the Fenway approach to gundog training

August 2018
Fenway Challenger (Fenway Brock x Tewellers Matilda of Fenway) happily settled in his new home in Mexico

December 2017
Fenway Linnet (Braidenvale Pioneer x Fenway Teal) has been hard at work all season – and loving every minute!

Autumn 2017
Edgegrove Apollo of Fenway wins Icelandic Retriever Championship. 

Edgegrove Apollo of Fenway has just taken the Open title at the Icelandic Retriever Championship. He achieved 93 points out of 100 to win the championship’s Open class. He has so far competed in three field trials and a working test and has won them all.

Fenway Lucas in the USA

Congratulations to Fenway Lucas (Fenway Brock x Tewellers Matilda of Fenway) owned by Mark Caroll, West Virginia, USA on achieving his Junior Hunt title.

Making a splash in Switzerland!

Fenway Florence (FT Ch Ferbury Lancelot of Smithsteads x Fenway Larksong) enjoying water training with her new owners near Lausanne.

Competing in Iceland
Edgegrove Apollo of Fenway fully focused in competition in Iceland.

Congratulations to Paul Brown and Tewellers Freya of Fenway (FTW Quarnford Grouse of Rufriver ex Fenway Lapwing) on winning the Novice Working Test at Leicestershire Gundog Society.

A television film crew from South Korea visited our kennel to film Jeremy Hunt working his dogs to be featured in a programme for Sky TV in Korea celebrating the Best of British dogs.

We were pleased to provide a team of dogs for a magazine fashion shoot at Browsholme Hall, near Clitheroe, Lancashire.