Fenway Working Labrador Puppies

 We take great pride in rearing our working labrador puppies to the highest possible standard, something for which we are renowned. It is impossible to devote too much time and effort into rearing a litter of pups which is why we provide round-the-clock care for both the bitch and her litter.

The first few weeks of a pup’s life are critical to its future development and are a high priority in the rearing of our Fenway litters.

Working Labrador Puppies by Fenway Labradors - Labrador breeders based in Lancashire, UK.

Fenway Storm – a typical pup by Fenway Brock.

Four month old Fenway pup settling into his new home with seven year old son of Fenway Brock

Working Labrador Puppies by Fenway Labradors - Labrador breeders based in Lancashire, UK.

Jeremy Hunt with a lovely Fenway pup.

Our breeding policy produces the type of working Labradors that have earned for us a world wide reputation. We give the most careful consideration to the selection of the bloodlines and genetics used in our breeding programme. Good temperament, natural working ability and all relevant health checks are also essential elements of our on-going breeding plans.

All Fenway working Labrador puppies are bred from fully health tested parents, are Kennel Club registered and microchipped.


Fenway Melton

Fenway Gabriel 

Fenway Labrador pups are always in demand both in the UK and abroad but we must be assured that a new home will offer the lifetime welfare and care our pups deserve.

Our aim at Fenway is to breed working Labrador puppies that are healthy, confident and display that all-important willingness to learn – traits that are very much the Fenway hallmark. They are commented on time and time again by new owners who go on to produce  loyal, dependable and highly skilled working Labradors.


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