Fenway Working Labradors


The Fenway kennel traces its foundation back to some of the very best of the UK’s most influential working Labrador bloodlines.

The breeding policy at Fenway working Labradors has always been to combine natural working ability with true Labrador “type” – something to which we remain totally committed.

A working Labrador MUST look like a Labrador and have the natural ability to be effective in the shooting field.

In pursuit of these ideals we are meticulous in planning the breeding programme of our working Labradors. 

Fenway Willow Grouse
(Fenway Brock x Tewellers Matilda of Fenway)
Willow Grouse is yet another stylish young bitch by Fenway Brock. She has been an absolute dream to train, showing all the easy training traits that are so typical of Brock’s progeny.
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Fenway Larksong
(Ch Warringahs’s Gundaroo x Fenway Woodlark)
Fenway Larksong is the first home-bred yellow Labrador to carry the Fenway affix.  A really high quality young bitch with the most wonderful head and expression . She is progressing well in her  work and is proving to have the biddability and will to please that is very much the Fenway hallmark.
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Fenway Teasel
(Fenway Brock x Miss America of Fenway)
What more could you ask for than a bitch like Fenway Teasel. An outstanding bitch from the last litter sired by Fenway Brock and out of our lovely red Miss America of Fenway who has proved herself to be a remarkable brood bitch with progeny in the USA and Europe. read more…

Tewellers Amelia - Working Labradors Gundog - Fenway Labrador Breeders and Trainers UK. Tewellers Amelia of Fenway
(Quarnford Grouse of Rufriver x Fenway Lapwing)
Tewellers Amelia of Fenway is undoubtedly one of the stars of the Fenway kennel.

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Tewellers Matilda - Working Labradors Gundog - Fenway Labrador Breeders and Trainers UK. Tewellers Matilda of Fenway
(Quarnford Grouse of Rufriver x Fenway Lapwing)
It is well known that “the strength of a kennel lies in its bitches” and  that is certainly the case with Tewellers Matilda of Fenway.
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Fenway Mellow
(FT Ch Ferbury Lancelot of Smithsteads x Fenway Larksong)
Fenway Mellow has proved to be an outstanding worker demonstrating tremendous drive and style. 
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Miss America of Fenway
(Quarnford Grouse of Rufriver x Torg’s Leaena (Imp USA)
 Miss America of Fenway is the first red to join the kennel. She is sired by Ali Hogsberg’s lovely Quarnford Grouse of Rufriver and is out the red bitch Torg’s Leaena who was bred by Steve and Linda Torgeson’s  in their Torg’s kennel in Minnesota. Miss America of Fenway wins the hearts of all who meet her; a charming bitch with a wonderful temperament and attitude, she’s already giving us a glimpse of her potential in the field – and we very much like what we see!
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Fenway Linnet - Working Labradors Gundog - Fenway Labrador Breeders and Trainers UK. Fenway Linnet
(FTW Braidenvale Pioneer x Fenway Teal)
Fenway Linnet has proved to be yet another outstanding daughter of our great brood bitch Fenway Teal. She is a strong and well made bitch with great drive and determination in her work.
Fenway Melody
(Fenway Tallin x Fenway Mellow)
Fenway Melody is an outstanding youngster who is the sixth generation of our female line. powerful young bitch with tremendous purpose and commitment in all that she does. 
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Wild Swan of Fenway
(FT Ch Beileys Aguzannis of Fendawood x Fenway Nightingale)
Wild Swan of Fenway has a wealth of wonderful genetics behind her and as a youngster wasted no time in showing us her true potential. A lovely looking bitch with plenty of size, loads of drive and a deep desire to please in all that she does, she is from a long line of Fenway bitches going back seven generations.
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Fenway Reeve
(Balbirnie Logo of Thornship x Fenway Larksong)
Fenway Reeve, the fifth generation of the Fenway bitch line, certainly gave us a glimpse of her potential from a very young age. Since puppyhood she has steadily matured into a very exciting prospect for us, confidently undertaking everything we ask of her with tremendous style and drive.
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