Fenway Merryman

Fenway Merryman

(Fenway Brock x Tewellers Amelia Of Fenway)

Fenway Merryman also known as “Bogie” is in training as a potential, and extremely promising, certified therapy dog for a US school serving US military and NATO children overseas in southern Italy.  Bogie’s therapeutic services are designed to support the emotional, social, or educational needs of these children by helping to create a more comfortable, supportive and nurturing learning environment. 

Bogie is a magnet to everyone he meets as his incredible looks, sweet and loving personality, biddable nature and silly antics draw people of all ages to him.  He demonstrates an intense love of retrieving (from birds to shoes) and shows the best of these skills in the open fields. “He is living up to his namesake, Humphrey Bogart, with style, grace and talent.  Here’s looking at you kid!”