Whelping Guidance

The Fenway Beginner’s Guide to Successful Whelping and Rearing

Taking the decision to breed a litter for the first time is certainly full of excitement and expectation – but as any owner will tell you there’s always more than a degree of trepidation.

Reading and internet searches will provide some help for the beginner but when it comes to breeding a litter and managing the bitch and her pups successfully for the next eight weeks, there is nothing better than being able to draw on the knowledge and experience of a long established breeder.

Jeremy Hunt has been successfully breeding dogs for over 40 years and his world famous Fenway Labradors are testament to his lifetime’s experience.

At Fenway Labradors we are now offering one-to-one guidance sessions aimed at the first-time breeder.

“The Fenway Beginner’s Guide to Successful Whelping and Rearing” comprises a two-hour guidance session with Jeremy Hunt held at Fenway Labradors in the heart of the Lancashire countryside.

Every aspect of breeding a litter is covered – from how to achieve a successful mating, optimising fertility, managing the pregnant bitch as well as vital tips on trouble-free whelping and rearing.


But the session will focus on innovative approaches that we have successfully developed over many years at Fenway Labradors. They can make a significant difference to the whelping and help avoid unnecessary puppy mortality in the first critical weeks.

The cost of the two hour session – including morning coffee and refreshments – is £150.




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