Part Trained and Started Youngsters

We have a wide reputation for producing top quality, good looking youngsters that have enjoyed some early elementary Fenway training with us. We refer to these as our “started” youngsters. We only produce a few each year and usually to order well in advance.

Solon Morn of Fenway

We do not believe that youngsters should be subjected to intense training in the early stages and by the time our started youngsters are ready to leave us at about 10-months old they are definitely not “machines” – because machines hurriedly put together are far more likely to develop problems!

Sweet William of Fenway
Our aim is to produce well-mannered, confident and responsive youngsters that have enjoyed the first stages of the Fenway approach to gundog training.

Fenway Florence
By the time they leave us they are keen, ready and primed to join their new owner and to make steady progress in their education as future shooting dogs.

Calendular of Fenway

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